Section 1: Getting Started26
The Yx function is also a two-number operation. It is used to raise numbers to powers, and you can use it in the same simple way that you use every other two-number function:
  1. Key in the first number.
  2. Press ENTER  to separate the first number from the second.
  3. Key in the second number (the power).
  4. Execute the function (press g Yx
When working with any function (including Yx ), you should remember that the displayed number is designated x by the function symbols.
So   means square root of the displayed number, 1/x means 1/displayed number, etc.
Let's solve a problem using the Yx function. Calculate 47:
Keystrokes Display    
4  4 _    
ENTER    4.0000    
7  7 _    
g Yx   16,384.0000    
Now try the following problems using the Yx function, keeping in mind the simple rules for two-number functions:
  164 (16 to the 4th power) =  65,536.0000   (16 ENTER  4 g Yx )
  215 (2 to the 15th power) =  32,768.0000   (2 ENTER  15 g Yx )
  812 (18 squared) =  6,561.0000   (18 ENTER  2 g Yx )
          (You could also have done this as a one-number function using X2 .)
Chain Calculations
The speed and simplicity of operation of the Hewlett-Packard logic system become most apparent during chain calculation. Even during the longest of calculations, you still perform only one operation at a time, and you see the results as you calculate—the Hewlett-Packard automatic memory stack (covered in detail in section 3) stores up to four intermediate results inside the HP-41C until you need them, then insert them into the calculation. This system makes the process of working through a problem as natural as it would be if you were working it out with pencil and paper; but the calculator takes care of the hard part.