Section 1: Getting Started22
Clearing Operations
The CL X/A  Key
CLX/A is a dual purpose key that is used to clear the display. When the HP-41C is in ALPHA mode and you press CLX/A, only the CLA (clear ALPHA) function is performed. The display is blanked when you press CLA in ALPHA mode.
When the HP-41C is not in ALPHA mode, that is, in normal mode, pressing CLX/A performs only the CLX function. The display (X-register) is cleared to zero when you press CLX in normal mode. (Clearing registers is covered later, so don't worry about it yet.)
First, since we are still in normal mode, let's clear the display (X-register) to zero.
Keystrokes Display    
 6.0222 26
  The number from the previous example.
g CLX   0.0000   Clears the display (X-register) to zeros.
Now, to see how CLA works in ALPHA mode, write the word SOLAR in the display and then clear it:
Keystrokes Display    
ALPHA      Places the calculator in ALPHA mode.
SOLAR  SOLAR _   The word.
g CLA      Blanks the display.
ALPHA   0.0000   Takes the HP-41C out of ALPHA mode.
The    (Correction) Key
You can delete one character at a time in the display using the    key. In ALPHA mode, each press of    deletes one right-most character. Notice how the ‘‘_’’ (underscore) prompt moves back. For example:
Keystrokes Display    
ALPHA      Places the HP-41C in ALPHA mode.
HYDVO  HYDVO _   The example word with an error.
     HYDV _   One right-most character deleted.