Section 1: Getting Started19
Here is what the complete ALPHA keyboard looks like (for easy reference, the complete ALPHA keyboard is also reproduced on the HP-41C Quick Reference Card, on the back of the calculator and in the function index at the end of this handbook). Note that the ALPHA characters shown here on the top of the keys are not actually printed on the keys.
*** HP - 41C ***
    ON     USER   PRGM   ALPHA  
  a   b   c   d   e  
  A   B   C   D   E  
  A   B   C   D   E  
  Σ   %     <   >  
  F   G   H   I   J  
  F   G   H   I   J  
      K   L   M   SST  
      K   L   M      
          $   CLA
  N   O   P      
  N   O   P      
    7   8   9  
  Q   R   S   T  
  Q   R   S   T  
  +   4   5   6  
  U   V   W   X  
  U   V   W   X  
  *   1   2   3  
  Y   Z   =   ?  
  Y   Z   =   ?  
  /   0   · AVIEW  
  :   SPACE   ,   R/S  
  :   SPACE   ,      
Let’s write a word in the display to see how ALPHA mode works.
Keystrokes Display    
ALPHA g CLA      Places HP-41C into ALPHA mode and clears the display. Primary functions are now the characters printed in blue on the lower face of each key. Shifted characters are not printed on the keys (see page 18).
 F _
 FU _
 FUE _
  When you press a key, the letter printed in blue on the lower face of the key is placed in the display.
ALPHA   0.0000   Takes the HP-41C out of ALPHA mode. The HP-41C remembers the string, FUEL.