Appendix B
Maintenance and Service
Your Hewlett-Packard Calculator
Your calculator is another example of the award-winning design, superior quality, and attention to detail in engineering and construction that have marked Hewlett-Packard electronic instruments for more than 30 years. Each Hewlett-Packard calculator is precision crafted by people who are dedicated to giving you the best possible product at any price.
After construction, every calculator is thoroughly inspected for electrical, mechanical, and cosmetic flaws.
Hewlett-Packard owner's handbooks are carefully prepared by professional writers and have won international awards for writing excellence.
Calculator Care
Designed to be durable and dependable, your HP-41C requires virtually no attention to ensure proper operation. All you need to do is:
  1. Replace the batteries when the BAT annunciator in the display appears (refer to batteries).
  2. Make sure that you keep the caps on the input/output receptacles (ports) in place whenever a module or other plug-in-accessory is not plugged into a port. These caps prevent the contacts inside the ports from becoming contaminated, which could lead to improper operation.
  Do not insert your fingers or any objects other than an HP module or plug-in accessory into any port. To do so could alter the Continuous Memory or could even damage the port or the calculator.  
Temperature Specifications
  •    Operating
  0°   to 45° C
32°   to 113° F
  •    Storage
-20°   to 65° C
-4°   to 149° F