Section 1
Getting Started
Your basic HP-41C is shipped fully equipped; the batteries will be installed by you or your dealer. If you turn on your HP-41C and the BAT annunciator in the display appears, or batteries are not installed, refer to Batteries, page 240.
Operating Keys
ON  Key
To begin, press ON. The ON key turns the HP-41C power on and off, the HP-41C will automatically turn itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity. You can turn it on again by simply pressing ON.
Each time the HP-41C is turned on, it ‘‘wakes up’’ in normal or USER mode; whichever was active when the calculator was turned off. If you were in PRGM (program) or ALPHA (alphabetic) mode when the calculator turned off, when you turn it back on again, these modes will not be active.
USER  Mode Key
The USER mode key allows you to customize your HP-41C, placing functions where you want them on the keyboard. When you press USER, the USER annunciator in the display turns on to let you know the calculator is in USER mode. To take the HP-41C out of USER mode, simply press USER again; the USER annunciator will turn off. Try it now:
Keystrokes Display    
  Places the calculator in USER mode; your customized HP-41C keyboard becomes active. USER annunciator turns on.
  Second press takes the HP-41C out of USER mode; all ‘‘normal’’ functions on the HP-41C keyboard become active. Annunciator turns off.