Function Index
All HP-41C functions can be recorded as instructions in program memory except those indicated. Functions with one name for keyboard execution and a second name for display execution are shown wit both names (e.g.,   on the keyboard and SQRT in the display). The keyboard name is listed first. Unless otherwise noted, all of the following functions can be executed from the display and reassigned.
Absolute value (page 78).   ABS 
Accumulation correction (page 103).   Σ– 
Accumulations (page 99).   Σ+ 
Addition operator (page 25).    +  
Advance paper (if printer is in system) (page 105).   ADV 
ALPHA mode key (page 18). Not programmable or assignable.   ALPHA 
ALPHA mode off (page 154).   AOFF 
ALPHA mode on (page 154).   AON 
ALPHA recall. Requires two-number register address or indirect address (page 70).   ARCL 
ALPHA shift left (page 154).   ASHF 
ALPHA store. Requires two-number register address or indirect address (page 70).   ASTO 
ALPHA view (page 72, 151).   AVIEW 
Antilogarithm (common) (page 96).   10x or 10 X 
Antilogarithm (natural) (page 96).   ex or E X 
Antilogarithm (natural, for arguments close to zero) (page 96).   E X–1 
Append ALPHA display (page 40, 151). Not assignable, not executable.   APPEND 
Arc cosine (page 86).   COS–1 or ACOS 
Arc sine (page 86).   SIN–1 or ASIN 
Arc tangent (page 86).   TAN–1 or ATAN 
Assign. Requires function name and key location input (page 61, 115). Not programmable.   ASN 
Beeper (page 104).   BEEP 
Back step (page 132). Not programmable.   BST 
Catalog list. Requires single-number (1–3) input (page 60, 140). Not programmable.   CATALOG 
or CAT
Change sign (page 77).   CHS 
Clear all storage registers (page 73).   CLRG 
Clear ALPHA register (page 41).   CLA 
Clear display (page 154).   CLD