Section 4: Using HP-41C Functions60
The CATALOG Function
You can list the contents of any of the HP-41C catalogs by pressing g CATALOG. The calculator then prompts you for one of the following catalog numbers:
  The User Catalog CATALOG 1
  The Extension Catalog CATALOG 2
  The Standard Function Catalog CATALOG 3
When you execute the CATALOG function and specify a catalog number, it begins at the top of the specified catalog and lists the name for each function in the catalog.
Entries in the catalogs are organized as follows:
  The User Catalog (1)   By top-to-bottom order in program memory.
Newest programs at the bottom.
  The Extension Catalog (2)   Grouped by extension.
  The Standard Function Catalog (3)   Alphabetical.
To execute the CATALOG function, press g CATALOG. The HP-41C will prompt you for the catalog number with CAT _. For example, list the entire standard function catalog.
Keystrokes Display    
g CATALOG   CAT _   The HP-41C prompts: Which catalog?
3  CAT 3   The listing begins when you enter the catalog number.
   Y 2    
   Y 2   The last function in the catalog.
User Catalog
As explained above, the user catalog ( CATALOG 1) contains all of the programs that you have stored into program memory. CATALOG 1 also has another special capability that helps you locate programs in program memory. As the listing of CATALOG 1 progresses, the calculator is positioned to the location in program memory of the presently displayed program name. Don’t be concerned with this feature now, it is covered in detail in part II of this handbook.