Section 4: Using HP-41C Functions61
Stopping the Catalog Function
You need not always list a catalog to the end. You can stop the listing at any point by pressing R/S (run/stop). You can then use BST (back step) or SST (single step) to locate the desired function. Or you can even press R/S again to continue the listing.
If you wish to completely terminate the listing, press R/S and then   .
Keystrokes Display    
g CATALOG 3  +    
R/S   GTO   Press R/S to stop (not terminate) the listing.
g BST   GRADD   Back step.
SST   GTO   Single step forward.
SST   HMS   Single step again.
R/S   HMS+   Restart the listing.
R/S      0.0000   Press R/S to stop the catalog listing, then press and hold    to terminate the listing.
Once the CATALOG listing is halted (by R/S ), pressing any other function terminates the catalog listing and the pressed function is executed.
USER Mode Functions
You may remember from the brief descriptions in sections 1 and 2 that USER mode allows you to customize your HP-41C. USER mode lets you place functions on the keyboard where you want them. The way this is accomplished is through the use of the ASN (assign) function. Using ASN , you specify a function name and a keyboard location for that function name. Once a function is assigned to a keyboard location, all you do to execute it is to place the HP-41C into USER mode and press the reassigned key.