Appendix A
When you purchase a Hewlett-Packard calculator, you deal with a company that stands behind its products. Besides an instrument of unmatched professional quality, you have at your disposal many accessories for the HP-41C system.
Standard Accessories
Your HP-41C Comes Complete With These Standard Accessories:
    HP Part Number
Four Size N Batteries (ready to be installed).  
HP-41C Owner’s Handbook and Programming Guide.   00041-90001
HP-41C Quick Reference Guide.   00041-90002
HP-41C Application Book.   00041-90018
Two blank Keyboard Overlays.  
Soft Carrying Case.  
One Module/Overlay Holder  
One set of Function Labels  
HP-41C Optional Accessories
HP 82106A 64-Register Memory Modules.   82106A
Application Modules. (Refer to the HP-41C Accessory Brochure for titles.)  
HP 82143 Thermal Printer.   82143
HP 82104A Card Reader.   82104A
AC Adapter.    
Printer Paper. (For HP 82143 Printer.)   82045A
Magnetic Cards. (For HP 82104A Card Reader.)    
  40 Blank Cards With Holder   00097-13141
  120 Blank Cards With Holders   00097-13143
  1000 Blank Cards   00097-13206