Introducing the HP-41C
The Philosophy of the HP-41C System
The HP-41C represents a totally new concept in the design of Hewlett-Packard calculators. In fact, because of the advanced capabilities of the HP-41C, it can even be called a personal computing system. The HP-41C is the first Hewlett-Packard handheld calculator offering an exciting array of alphanumeric capabilities.
With so many different kinds of calculator users and applications in the world, we at Hewlett-Packard decided we could provide a significant contribution by designing and building you a quality calculator with expandable and flexible capability. The alphanumeric HP-41C is just that calculator.
You can increase the storage capacity of the basic calculator by five times. And, if you wish, you can specify which functions are active on the keyboard, and how they are positioned. As expansions of the calculator system we are making available a number of peripherals to provide you with a true computing system—one that can even interface with other devices.
The HP-41C has a great number of functions, and at first you will not need to learn how every function and feature works; just be aware that they are there. A part of the design philosophy of the HP-41C was to provide a healthy number of functions and let you choose what you need. As your programming and calculating needs expand and become more sophisticated, you will use more and more of the functions provided. If you need a function that is not on the basic HP-41C, chances are that you can write a program that will fill that special need. Those special programs, along with all programs you write can be assigned by name to the keyboard for execution just like any of the standard functions—at the press of a single key! We are also making available a continuing supply of special application modules that plug into the HP-41C. They are designed to give you answers you need to solve special application problems.
Aside from the advanced computer-like capabilities of the HP-41C, possibly the most attractive feature of the machine is its ability to solve problems easily. Experience or knowledge of complicated programming languages is not required. Yet some of the most sophisticated computer experts appreciate the advanced programming and operating features of the HP-41C.
Obviously the HP-41C is part of an extremely capable personal computing system. At the same time, the HP-41C is a very friendly calculator, so take time to work carefully through this handbook. You will be surprised at how easily and quickly you will learn to take advantage of the power of your new HP-41C.