Section 4: Using HP-41C Functions63
the keyboard. Also included with your new HP-41C are pre-printed sticky-labels printed with the name of each standard HP-41C function. When you assign one of these functions to the keyboard, simply place the pre-printed label in the appropriate place on an overlay. This will help you remember where you have placed functions on your customized HP-41C.
In addition, the calculator itself helps you remember the names and locations or reassigned functions! When you press and hold a reassigned key in USER mode, the reassigned function name appears in the display as a reminder.
Note: Key assignments of standard HP-41C functions are stored in program memory and use registers allocated to program memory.
Returning to the Normal Mode Function
To reassign a key to its original normal mode function, simply press g ASN ALPHA ALPHA and that key. For example, in Introducing the HP-41C, you assigned a HEAT program to the Σ+ key. To return the Σ+ function to that key:
Keystrokes Display    
g ASN   ASN _   The HEAT program is no longer
ALPHA ALPHA   ASN _   assigned to the Σ+ key. Σ+ is now
Σ+   0.0000   the accumulation function in both USER and normal modes.
Using Reassigned Functions
Any function you have reassigned to a key location may be used when the HP-41C is placed into USER mode. When you press USER, all functions you have assigned or reassigned to the keyboard become active. The standard functions located in those key locations are no longer available. If a key location has not been reassigned, it retains its normal function in USER mode.
Let’s try a sample problem. In the previous example, you assigned the MEAN function to the   key.
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