Section 5: Storing and Recalling Numbers and ALPHA Strings72
Now recall the string:
Keystrokes Display    
g ARCL   ARCL _ _    
· T  ARCL T   Contents of stack register T are
   ENERGY _   recalled into the displayed ALPHA
      register. Hold the T key down for a
g CLA      moment to see the ARCL T prompt.
ALPHA g CLX   0.0000   Returns to normal mode and clears the displayed X-register.
VIEW Function
When in normal, USER, or ALPHA modes, you can view the contents of any HP-41C register without disturbing the stack. You simply press g VIEW and specify a register address. for example, to view the contents of R12 without disturbing the stack:
Keystrokes Display    
g VIEW   VIEW _ _   The HP-41C prompts: View which register?
12  2,2000,000.000   The stack has not been disturbed.
The stack and LAST X registers can also be viewed in the same manner. Simply press · and X, Y, Z, T, of L (for LAST X) in response to the prompt.
In ALPHA mode, when you use VIEW , the AVIEW (ALPHA view) function is executed. AVIEW simply places the contents of the ALPHA register into the display.
If you use ARCL to recall a number (not ALPHA characters and not ALPHA numbers) from a register , that number will simply appear as the corresponding ALPHA characters. Numbers with exponents will appear with the exponent prefixed with the letter E. For example:
Keystrokes Display    
23 STO 00  23.0000    
g ARCL 00 23.0000 _   The number now appears as ALPHA characters and is not valid for arithmetic functions.
g CLA       
ALPHA   23.0000   The original number is in X.
68 EEX 93
 68 93
STO 01
 6.8000 94