Section 5: Storing and Recalling Numbers and ALPHA Strings71
For example, to recall the string in register R05 (The HP-41C should still be in ALPHA mode.):
Keystrokes Display    
g ARCL   ARCL _ _   The HP-41C prompts: From which register?
05  MICRO _   The string is recalled from R05.
ARCL always adds the recalled strings to whatever is already in the ALPHA register. For example, recall the string from R05 again.
Keystrokes Display    
g ARCL   ARCL _ _    
05  MICROMICRO _   The string is recalled again from R05 and is added to the string already in the ALPHA register.
It is a good idea to remove unwanted ALPHA characters from the ALPHA register before you use ARCL . Simply press g ALPHA in ALPHA mode to accomplish this.
Keystrokes Display    
g CLA      The ALPHA register has been cleared.
ALPHA   19.0000    
ALPHAs and the Stack
Stack registers and LAST X can be specified as ASTO and ARCL register addresses. Any time you wish to specify a stack register or LAST X as an address, simply press · (decimal point) and the desired register letter (X, Y, Z, T, or L) in response to the function prompt. For example:
Keystrokes Display    
ENERGY  ENERGY _   The string.
g ASTO   ASTO _ _   The prompt: In which register?
· T  ASTO T   Store ENERGY in stack register T.
   ENERGY _    
g CLA      Clears the displayed ALPHA register.