Section 5: Storing and Recalling Numbers and ALPHA Strings68
Storing and recalling numbers and ALPHA strings in the extended storage registers is explained in section 13 (page 197).
Primary Storage Registers
Storing Numbers
To store a number that is in the X-register into any primary storage registers (00 through 99):
  1. Press STO . The HP-41C will prompt you for the address number with STO _ _.
  2. Press the number keys of the applicable register address (00 through 99). Address numbers must be 2 digits, e.g., 01, 02, or 50. The operation is performed when you enter the second digit.
For example, to store 2,200,000 (the distance in light-years of the Great Spiral Galaxy in Andromeda from Earth) in register R12:
Keystrokes Display    
2200000  2,200,000 _   The number.
STO   STO _ _   The HP-41C prompts: In which register?
12  2,200,000.0000   The number is stored in R12.
g CLX   0.0000   Clears the displayed X-register.
Notice that when a number is stored, it is merely copied into the storage register, so 2,200,000.0000 also remains in the X-register. Storing a number does not change the contents of the automatic memory stack.
Recalling Numbers
Numbers are recalled from storage registers back into the displayed X-register in much the same way they are stored. To recall a number from a primary storage register (00 through 99):
  1. Press RCL . The HP-41C will prompt you for the address number with RCL _ _.