Section 5: Storing and Recalling Numbers and ALPHA Strings74
Remember that because of the Continuous Memory of the HP-41C, all information in the calculator is retained, even when the calculator is turned off.
Use CLRG now to clear all currently allocated storage registers (R00 through R16).
Keystrokes Display    
XEQ   XEQ _ _    
 6.8000 94
  All currently allocated storage registers have been cleared.
Storage Register Arithmetic
Arithmetic can be performed upon the contents of all storage registers by executing STO followed by the arithmetic function followed in turn by the register address. For example:
Operation Result
STO   +  01 Number in X-register is added to the contents of register R01, and the sum is placed into R01. The display execution form of this is ST+.
STO   –  02 Number in X-register is subtracted from the contents of register R02, and the difference is placed into R02. The display execution form of this is ST–.
STO   ×  03 Number in X-register is multiplied by the contents of register R03, and the product is placed into R03. The display execution form of this is ST×.
STO   ÷  04 Number in R04 is divided by the number in the X-register, and the quotient is placed into R04. The display execution form of this is ST÷.
When storage register arithmetic operations are performed, the HP-41C prompts for the register address, and the answer is written into the selected storage register. Unless specified as a register address, the stack remains unchanged.
Storage Register Arithmetic and the Stack
You can also specify the stack or LAST X registers for storage register arithmetic by simply pressing · (decimal point) and X, Y, Z, T, or L (for LAST X) as the register address. For example, place the number 50 in the X-register and add the number to itself:
Keystrokes Display    
50  50 _   The X-value.
STO  +    STO + _ _   The HP-41C prompts: In which register?