Appendix B: Maintenance and Service243
Repair Policy
Hewlett-Packard calculators are normally repaired and reshipped within five (5) working days of receipt at any repair center. This is an average time and could possibly vary depending upon the time of year and work load at the repair center.
Shipping Instructions
Should your HP-41C require service, the calculator should be returned with the following items:
  1. A completed Service Card, including a description of the problem.
  2. A sales slip or other proof of purchase (if the one-year warranty period has not expired).
Do not return any batteries in or with the calculator. The batteries or damage caused by the batteries are not covered by the one-year warranty.
If your HP-41C is damaged by battery leakage, you should first contact the battery manufacturer for warranty information. Some battery manufacturers may repair the calculator if it has been damaged by leaking batteries. If the battery manufacturer warrants against battery damage, you should deal directly with that manufacturer for repairs. If the battery manufacturer does not warrant against battery damage, you should send the calculator to the Hewlett-Packard for repair. Whether the calculator is under warranty or not, there will be a charge for repairs made by Hewlett-Packard when the calculator has been damaged by the batteries. To avoid this charge, contact the battery manufacturer first when your calculator has been damaged by the batteries.
The calculator, Service Card, and (if required) the proof of purchase should be packaged in its original shipping case or other adequate protective packaging to prevent in-transit damage. Such damage is not covered by the one-year warranty; Hewlett-Packard suggests that you insure the shipment to the repair center. The packaged calculator should be shipped to the address shown on the Service Card.
Whether the unit is under warranty or not, it is your responsibility to pay shipping charges for delivery to the Hewlett-Packard repair center.
After warranty repairs are completed, the repair center returns the unit with postage prepaid. On out-of-warranty repairs, the unit is returned C.O.D. (covering shipping costs and the service charge).
Limited One-Year Warranty
What We Will do
The HP-41C and its accessories (except the batteries and damage caused by the batteries) are warranted by Hewlett-Packard against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of original purchase. If you sell your calculator or give it as a gift, the