Appendix B: Maintenance and Service241
Replacing the Batteries
The Continuous Memory of your HP-41C will normally be preserved for about 30 to 60 seconds while the batteries are out of the calculator. However, you must turn the calculator off before removing the batteries in order to preserve Continuous Memory. This gives you ample time to replace the batteries with new ones. Leaving batteries out of the calculator for extended periods will result in loss of the information in Continuous Memory.
To replace the batteries, use the following procedure (you may want to read through the entire battery replacement procedure prior to replacing the batteries):
  1. Turn the calculator off.
  Turn off
  2. Turn the calculator over in your hand and push up on the lip on the battery holder as shown in the photograph.
  Turn over
  3. Remove the batteries from the battery holder, making sure you do not mix them up with the new batteries.
  Remove batteries
  4. Look at the polarity marks on the end of the battery holder. It shows how the batteries should be inserted into the battery holder. Insert the new batteries, and carefully note the position of each battery. If any of the batteries are inserted wrong, the calculator will not turn on.
  Polarity batteries