Three Ways to Use the HP-65

Congratulations on purchasing your HP-65 Programmable Pocket Calculator. In addition to all the computational capabilities that have made the earlier HP-35 and HP-45 models so popular with professional people, your new HP-65 offers a feature that no other pocket calculator can provide: true programmability.
Simply defined, programmability is the HP-65’s ability to store and automatically execute the keystroke sequence required to solve a particular type of problem. The value of this feature becomes clearer when we consider that most of us who routinely work with numbers spend a great deal of time doing the same types of calculations over and over again. No matter whether we’re preparing flight plans, surveying construction sites, calculating returns-on-investment, or designing power supplies, we can all identify repetitive, time-consuming problems which diminish our productivity and frustrate our goals.
Although programmable computers and desk-top calculators have been available for some time, their expense, complexity and non-portability have made them inappropriate or impractical for many tasks. The real significance of the HP-65 is that it overcomes these limitations and lets almost anyone enjoy the advantagesspeed, accuracy, convenienceof a programmable calculating device.
You can use this powerful device in three ways:

1. To Calculate Manually

You control every step of the calculation by pressing keys in the actual order of execution: you enter data, perform functions, store results, control display, etc., by pressing keys.

2. To Run a Prerecorded Program

By using prerecorded magnetic cards (like those supplied in the Standard Pac shipped with your calculator) you can do highly complex calculations with minimal effort or study of the calculator itself. You load a card into the calculator and let the stored