Appendix B


To order additional standard or optional accessories for your HP-65, fill out the Accessory Order Form in the Important Information Envelope and return it with check, money order, or company purchase order to:
  HEWLETT- PACKARD, Advanced Products Division 19310-19320 Pruneridge Avenue, Cupertino, Calif. 95014l
If outside the U.S., please Contact the Hewlett-Packard Sales Office nearest you.

Standard Accessories

Your HP-65 comes complete with one each of the following standard accessories:
Accessory   Model/Part No.
  Battery Pack   82001A
  Battery Charger (115/230 Vac)   82002A  
  Travel Safety case   82018A
  Soft case   82017A
  HP-65 Owner’s Handbook   00065-90200
  Personalized Labels (4)   7120-2946
  HP-65 Quick Reference Guide   00065-90203
  Standard Application Pac Including:   00065-67008
  Instruction Book
  Blank Pocket Instruction Cards (20)
  Prerecorded Magnetic Cards (19)
  Head Cleaning Card
  Blank Magnetic Cards (20)
  Programming Worksheet Pad   9320-0616
   If outside the U.S., you may require a different version of the battery charger. Please contact your nearest Hewlett-Packard Sales Office for the appropriate model number.