Appendix C

Service and Maintenance

Calculator Checkout Procedure

Charge battery pack before portable use.
A rechargeable battery pack is provided with your calculator. The calculator will operate while charging; however, be sure to fully Charge the battery pack for 14 hours before portable use. Charge in either ON or OFF position.
Calculator can be damaged by strong static charge.

Low Power

All decimal points light to warn you that you have 2 to 5 minutes of operating time left on battery power. You must then either:
1. Operate from ac power.
2. Charge the battery pack.
3. Insert a fully charged battery pack.

Blank Display

If the display blanks out, turn the HP-65 off, place the W/PRGMRUN switch in RUN position, and turn the HP-65 back on. If 0.00 does not appear on the display, check the following:
1. Examine the battery pack to see if it is discharged and whether it is making proper contact with the calculator.
2. If the display is still blank, try operating the HP-65 from the ac line.