Appendix C: Service and Maintenance91
NOTE If you use your HP-65 extensively in field work or during travel, you may want to order the HP 82004A Battery Holder and Pack, consisting of a battery charging attachment and spare battery pack. This enables you to charge one pack while using the other.
Temporary degradation, peculiar to nickel-cadmium batteries, may cause a decrease in the operating period of the battery pack. Should this happen, turn the HP-65 on for at least 5 hours to completely discharge the battery pack. Then, put it on charge for at least 14 hours. This procedure should correct the temporary degradation.
If the battery pack won’t hold a charge, it may be defective. If the warranty is in effect, return the pack to Hewlett-Packard according to the shipping instructions previously discussed. If the battery pack is out of warranty, use the Accessory Order Form provided with your HP-65 to order a replacement.

Magnetic Cards

Protecting a Card

To protect a card containing a stored I program, clip the notch already there with scissors as shown below.

Card and Maintenance

Try to keep your cards as clean and free of oil, grease, and dirt as possible. Dirty cards can only degrade the performance of your card reader. Cards may be cleaned with alcohol and/or with a soft damp cloth.