Appendix C: Service and Maintenance86
3. With the battery charger connected to the HP-65, make sure the charger is plugged into a live ac outlet.
4. If the display is still blank, the HP-65 is defective (refer to warranty information below).


The HP-65 is automatically warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) year from date of delivery to original purchaser. During the warranty period, Hewlett- Packard will repair or, at its option, replace components that prove to be defective when the calculator is returned, shipping prepaid, to a Hewlett-Packard Customer Service Facility (refer to Shipping Instructions).
This warranty does not apply if the calculator has been damaged by accident or through misuse or as a result of service or modification by any person other than at an authorized Hewlett-Packard Customer Service Facility.
No other warranty is expressed or implied. Hewlett-Packard is not liable for consequential damages.

Out of Warranty

Beyond the one-year warranty period, your HP-65 will be repaired for a moderate charge. Return the HP-65 along with battery pack, recharger and travel case (refer to Shipping Instructions). If only the battery pack is defective, simply order a replacement on the Accessory Order Form provided.

Shipping Instructions

Malfunctions traced to the calculator or battery charger require that you return:
1. Your HP-65 with battery pack, recharger and travel case.
2. A complete Service Card (from the back of this booklet).