Appendix B: Accessories84

Optional Accessories

Other accessories, including software application pacs, are specified on the Accessory Order Form in the Important Information Envelope. Optional accessories include:
Accessory   Model/Part No.
  Reserve Power Pack   82004A
  Security Cradle   82015A
  Field Case   82016A
  Blank Cards (40)   00065-67010
  Programming Worksheet Pad   9320-0616
  Blank Pocket Instruction Cards (20)   9320-0613
The HP 82004A Battery Holder and Pack consists of a charging attachment and a spare battery pack so that one battery pack can charge while the other is in use.
Additional software pacs may be announced from time to time. Individual programs are available from the Users’ Library. Please refer to the Users’ Library Subscription Card shipped with your calculator (U.S. only).