Section 8: Program Editing136
Keystrokes Display    
  Takes the HP-41C out of PRGM mode. The displayed number remains from the previous example.
78 ENTER  
  The h value.
  14 _    
  The r value.
  After reviewing the X-register contents two times during the running program (first to display the area or the cylinder ends, and then to display the area of the cylinder without the ends), the answer in square inches is displayed.
Now run the program again for a height of 2.2789 meters and radius of 0.397 meter. (The final answer is 6.6748 square meters.)
Deleting and Correcting Instructions
Deleting Instructions
Often in the modification of a program, you may wish to delete an instruction form program memory. To delete the instruction to which the calculator is set, simply press the nonrecordable function    (correction) with the calculator set to PRGM mode. (Refer to pages 42-43 to see how    works in normal mode.)
When you delete an instruction from program memory using    , the calculator moves to the line before the deleted line and displays it.
For example, if you wanted to modify AREA again so that only the final answer is displayed, you would first delete the PSE instruction that is in line 8.
Keystrokes Display    
  00 REG 38    
  Places the HP-41C into PRGM mode.
g GTO · 008 
  08 PSE    
  Sets the HP-41C to line 8, the location of the first PSE (pause).
  07 *    
  Line 8 is deleted and the calculator moves up to line 7.
You can use SST to see that PSE was deleted and all subsequent lines were moved up.
  08 X<>Y     
  The X Y was in 9 but was moved up to 8 when you deleted the PSE .