Section 7: Simple Programming123
Flowcharting Your Programs
  1. You have seen how to write, load, and run a program to calculate the area of a circle from its radius. Now draw a flowchart and write a function that will calculate the radius r of a circle given its area A using the formula r = √(A/π). Be sure to set the calculator to PRGM mode and press GTO · · before you begin programming. Name the program with g  LBL ALPHA RADIUS ALPHA  and terminate it with END (use GTO · · ). After you have load the program, run it to calculate the radii of circles with areas of 420 square inches, 1.2 square meters, and 0.9095 square meters.
    (Answers: 11.5624 inches, 0.6180 meter, 0.5381 meter.)
  2. Write and load a program that will convert temperature in degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit, according to the formula F = (1.8 × C) + 32. Name the program CTEMP and terminate it with END . Convert Celsius of –40°, 0°, and 18°.
    (Answers: –40.0000° F, 32.0000° F, 64.4000° F.)