Section 2: Display Control32
manner in which a number is displayed. The actual number itself is not altered by any of the display control functions.
When you specify a display mode by pressing FIX , SCI , or ENG , the Continuous Memory of the HP-41C ‘‘remembers’’ that format. The format remains the same until you change it; even while the HP-41C is turned off.
Fixed Point Display
Using fixed point display, you can specify the number of places to be shown after the decimal point. It is selected by pressing g FIX followed by a number key to specify the number of decimal places (0 through 9) after the decimal point. The HP-41C will prompt you with FIX _ to let you know that you must next enter a digit.
10-digit number
 – 1,234.567890   
  Decimal point  
Let’s put a number in the display so you can see how fixed-point display looks:
Keystrokes Display    
2.24136  2.24136 _   The number.
g FIX   FIX _   The display shows the function ( FIX ) and prompts you for the digit with an _.
2  FIX 2   When you satisfy the prompt, the display shows the function when you hold the 2 key down briefly...
   2.24   ...and then shows the actual format when you release the key. The number is rounded off to two decimal places. Internally, however, the number maintains its original value of 2.241360000 × 1000.
g FIX   FIX _   The function prompt.
0  2.   The number is rounded off to 0 decimal places.
g FIX 9  2.241360000   The formatted number. Trailing zeros are added to fill out the full nine decimal places.
g FIX 4  2.2414   The display rounds upward if the first hidden digit is 5 or grater.