Appendix G: Advanced Programming and Operation260
Key Mapping
Another unique feature that you may have discovered is the correspondence between the top two rows of keys and the numbers 01 through 10. This feature lets you key in a two-digit label, address or function parameter using a single keystroke.
For example, when you press XEQ and the Σ+ key, the calculator interprets that as XEQ 01. The Σ+ key corresponds to the number 01.
  Σ–   yx   x2   10x   ex  
  Σ+   1/x   √x   LOG   LN  
  A   B   C   D   E  
  CLΣ   %   SIN-1   COS-1   TAN-1  
  X‹›Y   R↓   SIN   COS   TAN  
  F   G   H   I   J  
       01 through 05
       06 through 10
So, when you execute a function that requires a two-digit address or parameter, you can simply press the key that corresponds to the desired number.
Here are some more examples:
  GTO    SIN    =   GTO    08
  LBL    LN    =   LBL    05
  XEQ    X Y    =   XEQ    06
  STO    1/x    =   STO    02
  RCL    Σ+    =   RCL    01
Note that if you press one of the top two row keys to specify a number for a function requiring only a single digit input, only the right-most digit is used by the function. for example:
  FIX    TAN    =   GTO    0
  ENG    Σ+    =   ENG    1
The COPY Function
COPY is used to copy a program from an application module into program memory. With the application module in place the desired program name in mind, execute COPY and spell out the program name. This will copy the specified program into program memory.