Appendix F: HP-41C Extensions258
HP 82104A Card Reader
The HP-41C is so easy to program—and the resulting programs so powerful and versatile—that you’ll undoubtedly be inspired to write specialized programs for later use. When your programming output exceeds the sizeable capacity of the continuous memory in the HP-41C—or the even larger capacity with optional memory modules—you can permanently store your programs on magnetic cards using the HP 82104A Card Reader.
The HP-41C allows you to specify a single program you wish to record from its continuous memory onto a magnetic card. Each card can contain up to 32 registers of program instructions or 32 storage registers. A program or group of registers need not be limited in length to the capacity of a single card, through; it can be segmented among as many cards as necessary. You don’t have to figure out whether more than one card is required for reading and writing; the HP-41C does that for you automatically, then tells you by displaying a message.
The HP 82104A Card Reader will even record any key reassignments that are made to run the recorded programs. So all you do is set the HP-41C to USER mode, read in the card or cards and begin. And if you would like to assure the ‘‘privacy’’ and ‘‘security’’ of your recorded programs, you can instruct the card reader to record a card so that the program on that card can only be executed and not viewed or altered.
With an HP-41C and the HP 82104A Card Reader, you are not limited to reading programs or data on magnetic cards that you have recorded yourself. The HP-41C has been specifically designed to accept a program or data on a magnetic card recorded on an HP-67 or HP-97. This will allow you to utilize the vast number of specialized programs available from the HP-67/HP-97 User’s Library.
HP 82143 Printer
For a permanent record of calculation results, or for assistance in checking or editing long programs, you can connect an HP 82143 Printer to your HP-41C. Powered by its own set of batteries, it prints alphanumeric characters quietly and efficiently.
The printer can also be set to provide you automatically with valuable diagnostic information when creating or running a program. You can obtain a printed record of the program line number and function name when creating a program. And when executing a program or series of manual keystrokes, the printer can provide a record of the numbers keyed in, functions performed, and answers calculated.
Hewlett-Packard Application Modules
If you’re a specialist interested in preprogrammed solutions for problems in a specific field, an HP application module can greatly enhance the usefulness of your HP-41C. Available in a variety of disciplines, HP application modules each contain a number of professionally developed programs. These modules quickly transform your HP-41C into a special-purpose machine designed to solve complex problems in your field at the touch of a few keys.
Up to four application modules can be plugged into the I/O ports on the HP-41C. While a module is plugged in, the names of all programs contained in the modules can be displayed by pressing CATALOG 2.