Section 11: Branching and Looping174
Write a program that will calculate the gas and oil cost for Linda Leadfoot’s planned vacation. The car gets about 33 miles per gallon but uses a quart of oil every 350 miles. Use a conditional test to see if the mileage is greater than 350 miles. The following flowchart will help you write the program.
Run the program to find the oil and gas cost for Linda’s proposed trip to Seattle, Washington. The round-trip is 494 miles. Oil is $0.75 per quart and gas is $0.69 per gallon.
(Answers: Oil cost is $1.06 and gas is $10.33.)
Prompt for & input
total mileage
Multiply by R02
Pause to display oil cost
(Label output if you wish)
Store in R01
Place 350 in Y-register
LBL 01
mileage ≤ 350?

Prompt for &
input gas cost
Go to LBL 01
Store in R03
Recall mileage &
divide by 33
Multiply by R03
Pause to display total gas cost
(Label ouput if you wish)
  No     No                
Prompt for &
input oil cost
Store in R02
Recall mileage &
divide by 350