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Thomas Okken Mooie site, en ik zal hem missen wanneer hij er niet meer is. Ik heb jaren geleden de HP-41C handleiding van hier gedownload, toen dat nog kon met wget, maar voor de rest zullen we het moeten doen met wat de Wayback Machine nog heeft weten te bemachtigen. Hartelijk dank voor al die noeste arbeid, en beste wensen!
Added: 13-Dec-2018 21:58:36
Eddie Sorry to see you go - thank you for your wonderful website!
Added: 13-Dec-2018 15:01:24
Guido So much work, so little hope ... I just don't understand.
Added: 12-Dec-2018 22:43:16
Andi Mueller Would be so sorry that site disappears. BTW: Very nice HP-65 emulator there will be no substitute
Added: 12-Dec-2018 18:10:42
Massimo Gnerucci Very sorry to see all of these marvel disappear. If you can, please, hold on and let us know how to help you. Also, consider releasing this material to someone else that can go on sharing it online with all due credit. Anyway, thank you very much for this labor of love and for all the years you let us visit it.
Added: 12-Dec-2018 08:43:54
Meindert Kuipers Hi Greendyk, I am willing to host the HP part of your website at www.kuiprs.nl and create a subdomain for that if that helps keeping the information online. Please contact me if you are interested.
Added: 11-Dec-2018 18:31:00
Dennis Tuckerman I use your site quite a lot so as others have said if you need some help, financial or technical please let us (I’m in the HPCC, based in Sheffield UK) try and help you to keep it going. I think you’ll find there’s a lot of us 65+ ‘Baby Boomers’ with money to burn according to our current shambles of a right wing Tory Government (because we had it all apparently - we were paid to go to Uni, have massive pensions. Amazing really considering all the Acid we’re supposed to have taken!) I did get to see Hendrix play live in 1966/7 in Newcastle Durham’s Student Union for the massive price of 8 shillings, our currency before decimalisation and equates to 40 pence in new money. I also got to play in a band called The Leviset Blues Band for 18 months in 1964-66 with one of the early members of Fleetwood Mac. I don’t really understand how it works (Chapter 5 for friends of Bill W) but is The Wayback Machine an option? Is there a way to download your current online documents as I only ever get just one page of a PDF when I try? Failing all that then thanks for all of your commitment to your website over the years. Denny
Added: 11-Dec-2018 17:28:20
walt Please do not stop operation! But if you do stop the website can you make your files available by ftp?
Added: 11-Dec-2018 16:27:34
Luis Fernández Please what do you need to continue ?, Money, a server, something else ?, Tell us what you need.
Added: 11-Dec-2018 04:01:31
Qwerty6811 Hello, this is such a great resource for my old HP-15C! If “this site stops” means what I think it means, that will be really bad. Thanks!
Added: 28-Nov-2018 16:13:50
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