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Walter Prachtig monnikenwerk dat een prijs verdient. Een fraaier monument voor de HP-41 is niet denkbaar.
Added: 2-Jan-2009 12:57:47
Ignazio Fantastic job!! Many thanks from an HP-41C user.
Added: 18-Jul-2008 12:54:29
Juergen You did an excellent job! Thank you much for providing this online resource. Best Regards from Switzerland, Juergen
Added: 18-Jul-2008 11:42:05
Tatsuo Izu Very well done. The content of this site is very beautiful. Congratulations.
Added: 11-Jun-2008 00:30:25
Johannes Herschel Excellent remake of the HP-41 Manuals. Very pleasing for the eyes! Everything is perfectly coded in html and css - even the pictures of HP surface are no bitmaps but tables! The author must be something like a HP-41 loving electical book-art creating monk??? Great work!!! !!! A few misspellings here and there, but not disturbing... I wish, I could download the complete manual on my local hd :-)
Added: 20-Feb-2008 11:00:51
Howard Owen The HP41 stuff is wonderful work! I wonder if you would let me mirror it on retrocalculator.com? Another place where it would be useful would be hpmuseum.org, which is where I became aware of it just this morning. Best regards, Howard Owen
Added: 14-Aug-2007 15:03:00
Greg Thank you for this website! I still use my 25 year old HP 41C everyday. Last year, when I moved I threw away my old instruction books. When my batteries failed, some unusual flags were set and I lost some things. Thanks to your website, I could fix the display setup. Sorry no email, spam defense.
Added: 9-Mar-2007 18:57:08
Webmaster Welcome, it is common that the webmaster makes the first message. You can add your comment or you may leave a message by clicking on the link 'add a message' above.
Added: 19-Aug-2006 16:21:59
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