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Aderbal Carlos de ... I was having difficulties to find HP 41 CV opparating manual.I found it at this site. Exelent work, Better still if a printable vertions is available. Aderbal
Added: 3-Jan-2011 20:02:37
TrancheTerriere Impressive work! Thanks
Added: 26-Nov-2010 22:25:13
Chris Ellenberger Absolutely fantastic effort. There are obviously still a lot of HP41 users out there. It must still rate as one of the best calculators ever built. They should bring it back.
Added: 22-Sep-2010 00:06:05
mcHkTwSARGdEu Thanxxxx! Good post!
Added: 21-Sep-2010 14:02:04
JD Thanks for the scans, hope you don't mind my download of the complete site structure (I could not find a PDF download or the like.....) so I can enjoy now from local source ! HPmuseum dot org has complete set on DVD for this of you wanting to 'have it all' (small fee applies at the site).
Added: 23-Aug-2010 02:45:02
Frank Schmidt Thanks for the owners handbook for the HP-41CV. Perfekt. I lost it years ago and found it again on your website - online now. Cheers from Germany !!!
Added: 12-Aug-2010 08:59:56
George Excellent job building this site for HP-41C user manuals. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated. Take care
Added: 1-Aug-2010 03:13:20
Hartmut Hi, toll, toll, toll! Das Handbuch zum 41er und als Dreingabe Fotos der Thunderbird-Serie, wie geil ist das denn :) Keep that thing up, please! We need this! Thanx a lot!
Added: 12-Jul-2010 15:34:10
Gordon Dyer What a beautifully presented set of manuals. You have really put a lot of good work into this and it is very mcuh appreciated. How about a .pdf download for each document so I can access them offline? Are you also going to do the same for the 41CX manuals?
Added: 15-Jun-2010 17:56:25
Jose Daniel Ortiz Congratulations!!! Just amazing! I was looking for a site like this for a long time...
Added: 6-Oct-2009 23:22:06
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