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Thomas Juchnewicz Thank you. These manuals are a valuable public service to the professional community !
Added: 26-Sep-2009 03:52:31
Diego D�az Sincerely impressed by your awsome work on the various HP-41 series manuals. Cheers from the Canary Islands. Diego
Added: 20-Sep-2009 01:45:28
Joaquin Thank U very much for this revival and nice work. This is that we love in the Internet: you are looking for something and you find it, perfect, for free!
Added: 14-Sep-2009 21:55:17
alexg719 Very nice site!
Added: 6-Aug-2009 16:55:54
Paolo Semplicemente fantastico!
Added: 28-Jun-2009 13:29:00
ted reidy Bravo, Bravo! Great work on the HP manuals, and I'm crasy about the Thunderbirds! Highly recommended. thank you
Added: 9-Jun-2009 21:35:50
Frans Prachtig! Ik heb al een HP-41C (incl. quad mem module en card reader) sinds 1980, en gebruik hem nog continu - al was het dan tegenwoordig in de vorm van een emulator (V41.exe) op de PC, da's net wat makkelijker als de 'echte' uit de bureaula te moeten vissen. Thx, en Gr van een echte HP-41 fan, Frans
Added: 12-May-2009 16:39:27
Alex Averbuch Thanks for this site, I've started to use the HP41c calculator, but didn't have the manuals. So it is a great help... I'm very fond of this calculator, and prefer it to others.
Added: 4-May-2009 14:20:16
Pharm67 Very nice site!
Added: 13-Mar-2009 08:24:42
Luis Sayo Yes I agree with others who wrote in the guestbook. This is a great site! Could you also provide a link to download the pages so that we can read it offline?
Added: 23-Feb-2009 09:27:11
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