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Luis Fernández Impresionante trabajo, por favor no lo cierre, guardare una copia, pero me gustaria su aprobación para colocarlo con sus datos y preservarlo, con sus derechos de autor
Added: 27-Nov-2018 20:00:22
Stephan Bröcker Hello, this site is a real wonder of information and helps me very much. But... is it true, that it will stop in nearly 40 days? I hope not. That would be a desaster. Please carry on! Best wishes, -Stephan
Added: 13-Nov-2018 09:25:03
didier de callatay Simply magic ! And the HP65 emulator is absolutely marvelous ! When an HP67 emulator ?
Added: 8-Oct-2018 20:26:55
L-G Taube Excellent site, brings back memories from when RPN ruled the Earth. :-)
Added: 8-Mar-2018 12:24:49
Edward Shore Wow! Great website and online source. Thank you!
Added: 23-Feb-2018 14:46:24
Guillaume Wonderful work ! Very clear and useful site, the only place where I found the HP97/67 user manual.
Added: 10-Feb-2018 10:10:35
Marcel Je hele kerstcd geluisterd. Man wat een klus! Ik kan er voorlopig weer tegen (begon al ontwenningsverschijnselen te krijgen ;-).
Added: 25-Jan-2018 00:02:23
WGH Deep felt thanks for posting the HP-41 C Handbook in this very convenient and usable format!
Added: 30-Nov-2017 17:57:26
Denis L Was looking for the command to reset my venerable HP41C, and because of your search feature, was able to find it - Thanks!
Added: 9-Aug-2017 23:27:34
Bart Colbert Thank you for all the work you have done keeping the information available to all us out here which have a need.
Added: 30-Jun-2017 00:23:16
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