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Marcello Soliven Thank you for keeping the HP-41 information alive. I was one of the original team of designers back in 1978 while at Raytheon Semiconductor and under contract to HP, Corvallis. I developed the power management and LCD display bias controller IC. I recently rediscovered my 41C in storage and was pleased to see that it still works after so many years. The original team under John Wong in Oregon was great to work with. All the best regards from the Arizona desert - M
Added: 14-May-2012 18:15:29
Wolfgang Ich habe durch Zufall den a41cv entdeckt. Seit 1979 begleitet mich der HP41 C, CV, CX. 2001 hat sich mein Umgebauter HP 41C- HP-41CX verabschiedet, habe mir dann Jahre sp�ter in ebay einen gebrauchten HP-41 CX zugelegt. Ich bin begeistert das es f�r Androide ein App (a41cv) gibt. Jetzt habe ich meinen HP immer dabei. Danke f�r die Realisierung meines Traumes.
Added: 12-Mar-2012 10:10:31
biton kijk dat is nou erg handig en cool! :) bedankt voor dit vele werk. many thanks, bt
Added: 13-Jan-2012 10:13:46
Rob Thanks for the work! VERY handy!
Added: 7-Dec-2011 11:38:17
Gerber van der Gra... Great work! Bedankt voor alle moeite.
Added: 11-Oct-2011 12:28:46
Paco L�pez �Un trabajo impresionante! Muchas gracias.
Added: 6-Sep-2011 14:53:10
PzXZQQsLuTBKovAF Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after several days srtugiglng
Added: 27-Apr-2011 07:00:12
Carsten Jensen Great site - and what a lot of work you must have put into it!!!. Why dont you offer (could be against a small fee) a PDF version for download. Since your site is NOT scanned old paper (as other version I have found) the quality would be fantastic in a PDF... Just an idea ... :-)
Added: 3-Apr-2011 22:04:39
Alain 92 Great and impressive job. I lost my manuals a few years ago. Thanks again and cheers from France.
Added: 27-Mar-2011 13:48:30
James Thomas Great site! I have found info on the HP-41 series to be difficult to find. I have an HP-41CV that I got back in 1988, and will definitely be back to your site.
Added: 10-Feb-2011 20:04:05
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