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Jim Cotton Thanks for this spectacular site. Well presented. Using the HP-41C manual with a Swiss Micros DM41L HP-41CX clone.
Added: 22-Apr-2016 17:29:37
Jeroen The HP calculators are professional usefull and a joy for me for more than 30 years. Thanks a lot for publishing these manuals in this clear and practical presentation.
Added: 11-Feb-2016 12:12:35
Rob Hartelijk dank!! Wordt zeer gewaardeerd!
Added: 14-Dec-2015 23:05:03
Daniel Greetings from Australia. Any chance you could make the HP-67 manual available as a PDF download. Much faster and easier to find things (by text search) in a single PDF document. Thanks.
Added: 6-Sep-2015 06:55:56
Eliseo Saludos: Es un magn�fico manual. Solo le falta el olor para ser id�ntico al real. Mi vieja y fiel HP41 sigue funcionando, pero su manual se hab�a extraviado. Me encanta volver a recordar lo aprendido hace solo 40 a�os. Muchas gracias, es un gran trabajo. Eliseo
Added: 25-Apr-2015 18:02:02
Wm. Hi there. Thanks for having the manual for the HP-41 series calculator. Had trouble locating one. If not for a guy from another site I would still be out if luck.
Added: 10-Mar-2015 12:40:14
Ted Allerheiligen Thank you for such a great site. I am a long time user and fan of the HP calculators which you have chosen to feature. The manuals continue to be an important resource.
Added: 2-Mar-2015 00:10:35
Chuck Robideaux Hello, Just purchased a card reader for my trusty 41cx that I have used since 1988. Would like to print out the manual for it; is it available as a PDF? Tnx and Best Regards, Chuck w8dux
Added: 26-Feb-2014 23:20:42
Hans Groenendijk I have not much understanding about the calculator but the HTML is great! Love the new menu. Keep up the good work!
Added: 30-Jan-2014 23:39:32
AndiM Cool page. Very helpful. Pls. keep alive as long as there are HP-41's and HP-97's in the world (i.e. forever!).
Added: 29-Jan-2014 19:08:02
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