Topic: HP-65 Rom image emulator update

Hi everyone,

I have just updated a new version of my Java HP65 rom image emulator.

The Rom image is untouched since 2007.

I just corrected -in the Java source- a bug regarding the 'Run/Program switch' disappearing when 'Debug' mode was off.
I made a mistake declaring this key ('hot zone') in the debug class.
Another correction, the debug frame is now hidden -as it should be- when the 'debug' mode is off.

I tested -step by step- this new update using 'Eclipse' build 20090920-1017.
No side effect. The code is robust.

I was thinking of implementing a card reader read/write emulation.
But more study regarding the handshake between the CPU (C&T and A&R) and the card reader is needed.

Next month, maybe.

HP-65 Rom emulator