HP 35 simulator Quick user guide

To use the simulator in trace mode, check "debug" (red light on).

1) Put a break point at the start of the code you want to trace (address 02010 for example, is ln(x) entry point):
- the value appears in the white box,
- "set" the BP,
- "enable" it (red light on).

2) Press "run" : the simulator is running the HP 35 ROM image.

3) Type in a value: "4.4" for example and press the "ln" key.

4) You should stop at address 02010, which is the global gate to log, ln and exp routines.

6) Now turn on "trace" and "regs", depending on your need: trace alone or trace with registers.

7) I have added to the original interface a window with "quick and dirty" editing facilities.
At the end of a calculation when you're in the "wait a key'" loop (dsp3, dsp5 ...), stop the simulator pressing "stop".

8) You can point in the capture window, do a select all (Ctrl A) then a copy (Ctrl C) and you can paste the capture in your text editor to print it and study it.

9) When a key enters its subroutine a beep is emitted (at the KEYS -> ROM ADDRESS instruction) and the display is turned off by the ROM code.When processing is over, the display in back showing the result.

Meanwhile, the keyboard is ignored. So take care in "slow" or "trace" modes, since -in these cases- the simulator is slower.

To avoid that, put a break point at the beginning of the routine you want to study (see my key-code/address table), go in "run" mode, type in your number(s) and press the function key.

When processing is stopped at BP, turn on "trace" and "regs" modes and press "run" again. The trace of the routine run will be saved to the capture window.