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Okie Dokie for the HP-42S

By Erik Ehrling (Sweden). Any comments or suggestions are very welcome!

This is a conversion of Bob Colbert's Okie Dokie for the Atari 2600. The name and concept is used here with permission.


Okie Dokie is a puzzle game where the goal is to clear the playfield by turning off all of the squares. However, flipping a square also flips all the squares directly adjacent to that square. In order to clear the playfield completely one therefore has to develop a viable strategy - just randomly flipping squares will not lead very far. And this is the real beauty of the game - in order to solve its puzzles one has to understand its inner workings...

The HP-42S version contains all 30 preset levels from the Atari 2600 version. (For an overview of all levels see the Okie Dokie Level Gallery.)


Binary files for emulators:
Raw binary: okiedokie.raw  Binary for HP-42X: okiedokie.42x (HP-48) okiedokie49.42x (HP-49)

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