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42s2html - Convert HP-42S RPN programs to HTML listings for Win 9x/2K/XP
Version 0.16 (Beta)

By Erik Ehrling (Sweden). Any comments or suggestions are very welcome!

Now also supports binaries with multiple RPN programs!

Download here:

This is a small program that I wrote to automatically generate HTML listings from HP-42S binaries. The program automatically detects whether the input file is a raw binary (e.g. from Emu42) or a HPHP48-encapsulated string (e.g from HP-42X) and operates correspondingly.

Output: (html)

Usage: 42s2html [filename] /html [output catalog]

The program creates a new directory for the output. In this directory a html file with the same basename as the input file is created. A sub-directory called 'images' will contain .gif files with a graphical representation of the program lines, grouped together as 10 lines per file. Another sub-directory called 'binaries' will contain the input file in raw (.raw) and HPHP48-encapsulated (.42x) format, respectively.
Output: (text)             
Usage: 42s2html [filename] /print 

A text version of the output can also be created by specifying the /print option and omitting the output catalog. The program then prints the listing directly to stdout. Because all characters of the HP-42S are not availble in the standard Windows character map some characters are printed as {} escape-sequences, e.g. {DIV}, {SIGMA} etc.

Known limitations:
The program does not like double relative paths, e.g "../xxx/yyy/../zzz"

As this is an early release I encourage you to verify the generated output by manual inspection. I would appreciate if any discrepancies discovered are reported to the email address above.

This program is freeware and is released "as-is". No warranties whatsoever are given regarding its usefulness or functionality. Use at your own risk.

Version 0.10 (Beta) - first public version
Version 0.11 (Beta) - fixed error with +/- ( token 0x54 ) and GTO/XEQ IND ( tokens 0xD0 ... ..., 0xD1 ... ..., 0xE0 ... ..., 0xE1 ... ...)
Version 0.12 (Beta) - fixed error with single character LBLs, e.g. "LBL e"
Version 0.13 (Beta) - added some two byte reg tokens (e.g. XEQ/GTO)
Version 0.14 (Beta) - fixed tokens for FS?C IND "text" and FC?C IND "text"
Version 0.15 (Beta) - now also recognises and produces binaries for - HP-42X on the HP-49G+
Version 0.16 (Beta) - now also supports binaries with multple RPN programs in them. Fixed problem with alternative GTO token ( 0xD2 ... )

Last updated 2004-11-19