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Why a campaign for Emu42?

I have been a great supporter of Emu42 ever since I first heard about Christoph Giesselink's work on a HP-42S emulator in the same vein as Emu48. Not only would this be an essential piece of software for bringing the discontinued HP-42S into the 21st century. Neither could I have dreamed up someone more suitable for this task than Christoph Giesselink himself - for many years the maintainer of the Emu48 project.

Later on I had the opportunity to become a beta tester of Emu42 and to see the emulator grow into the fullblown finished product it is today. Seldom could I contribute much more as a beta tester than just saying "Yes, this is definitely on the right track". My expectations were raised even further when I learned about the Pocket PC 2002 version of Emu42 and that the aim was to also port Emu48 to the Pocket PC. (Previous attempts at porting Emu48 had been marred by a certain sluggishness making it close to unusable).

In a posting at www.hpmuseum.com in December 2003 Christoph Giesselink stated that he would be willing to release the full versions of Emu42 both for Windows (9X/ME/2000/XP) and Pocket PC 2002 (later also the new port of Emu48 for Pocket PC 2002 was added) if he received 700 EUR or more.

The aim of this campaign is therefore very simple - collect as many donations as possible in order to get Emu42 (and Emu48 for Pocket PC) publically released! Every single contribution will be important and could make the difference between a success of failure!

Erik Ehrling (Sweden)

Thursday the 26th of August 2004: Campaign for Emu42! (& Emu48 for Pocket PC) successful!
Monday the 10th of January 2005: The Campaign for Emu42 (& Emu48 for Pocket PC) is closed!