48G Infinite Numerical Precision for Integers?


Hi Folks.

I've had my 48G for about three weeks now, and have still not figured out how to display long integers on it. For instance, if I key in a 50 digit integer, the command line accepts it just fine, but when I enter it, it's converted to scientific notation, and I can't figure out how to get the integer view back. I can't seem to find this topic addressed in the user's guide.
How can I view all the digits in my big integer again?

Thanks, and best regards, Hal


You can't find information about this capability, because it doesn't exist. You will need to download a third party program from hpcalc.org



Hi "dot",

I couldn't find anything appropriate on hpcalc.org. Are you referring to this lib by Werner Huysegoms? It's for the HP 49, not the 48G.



For the feature to work, an "exact integer" object type is neccessary. To my knowledge, this did not exist prior to the CAS equipped HP49g and its successors.



Well, I guess that explains it.

Thanks guys.


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