48g ROM version - Updateable???


Hi there. I am trying to find out whether you can update a ROM version in a 48g. I have one with version K and I want to know if I can put version R on it. If so, does anyone know how it can be done? Thanks,


Technically possible but not practical. You would need to open the unit, physically desolder the surface mount rom and install a rev R rom. I leave it you to figure out how to source the version R part...


Can it not be flashed?


Uh, no.


The 48G was made before modern "flash" was even an idea.



you mean the 48S series was made when flash memory wasn't too common.

When the 48G series was introduced, flash chips were already common,

for example on PC mainboards and as PC cards.



I forgot about that!

A related question:

When did EPROM come out?


Hi there. I am trying to find out whether you can update a ROM version in a 48g. I have one with version K and I want to know if I can put version R on it.

Like many others already told you, I have to say that the ROM content can't be changed easly. But a HP48 with ROM revision K is more or less a collectors item (also depends on the condition). You should try to find somebody close by you who's willing to exchange your one by a R version. IMHO from collectors aspect a HP48 with ROM revision K is much more worth than the more common R revision, when both are in good condition.




Is this ROM K 48G one that you put a memory upgrade in?


Sorry guys I gave you the wrong info....It is not a K version but M. Sorry again. Oh and yes that is the one I upgraded (also did an R version)..


Quite right to ask. The K ROM version cannot access more than 128K RAM according to some documentation.


I believe that the HP48 FAQ does mention the memory problems... I vaguely remember it having something to do with the PINIT command and memory corruption in some ROM releases.

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