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Everything on my 41CV seems to be working properly with one exception. The LCD module has become blackened at the ends. The left end is the largest area of black....approximately 1/8" wide at the left middle of the screen and then tapering to nearly 3/4" wide at the screen top and bottom. The black on the right side of the screen is very minor. I believe that the amount of black has remained this way for some time... I don't see any continuing degradation.

My questions is whether this is permanent damage or is it related to contact failure between the display module and the circuitry?



the LCD of your HP-41 is 'bleeding' out,

propably the result from a hard knock on the floor or similar.

This damage is permanent, there's no chance to repair that display.

However, you can still use the unit for years,

as long as you can read the display.




The LCD *is replaceable* if the unit is a Fullnut, Halfnuts are not.

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