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Hi all:

    Did you read this ?:

    HP's Dunn to resign as chairman

    I wonder what the late Mr. Hewlett and Mr. Packard would make of it but regrettably they can give their opinions no more.

    What's yours ?

Best regards from V.


It's a start, but I think she needs to resign from (or be removed from) the board. In fact, I think she should serve jail time, but they probably won't be able to prove that she knew she was responsible for multiple felony acts.


but they probably won't be able to prove that she knew she was responsible for multiple felony acts

You're probally right. Now let me see - the investigator gives me a report that is based on phone records. Now I need to be careful not to question where or how the investigator obtained these records. Hey - since I didn't ask where he got the records, and he didn't voluntee how he got them - I'm in the clear - no one can say I knew anything illegal was done.

I think HP problems from this are just starting. Eventually, I would think she'll have to go from the board. I would think none of the other Board members would ever be able to trust her.



I'd like HP to engage all the old staff which believed in RPN and in good and good-looking calculators. Or at least to engage Valentin Albillo, Karl Schneider, Eric Smith, Bill Platt and/or many others (including D.H.) who post in this Forum, who could give a helping hand in understanding these principles.

-- Antonio

If you find you are not included in the list, well, I write by heart.

-- Antonio

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Here's an interesting opinion piece from The Register that implies Hurd is behind the witch-hunt on the grounds that there were leaks a plenty when Carly was in charge (and Dunn was still head of the board) but no serious action to trace the leaks at that time.


Come on folks . . . Let's not fall into the all too common habits of:

1. Believing everything we read in a sound bite article
2. Finding people guilty before the facts are known.

In the first place, Dunn was our hero until recently because she was one of the directors that was instrumental in ousting Carly.

In the second place, a lot of the leaks from the Board were the source of the information on things like the infighting that went on during Carly's fight with the Hewlett family.

In the third place the major information leaker (Keyworth) was asked to step down last May and he refused. (Remember that the Chairman cannot fire board members. Only shareholders can do that). Applauding him for stepping down now is silly.

In the forth place the article that is cited here makes it sound like Hurd is responsible for everything that happens. However, Hurd is NOT responsible for the operation of the board of directors unless he is the Chairman. Which he has not been. If the then Chairman (Dunn) decided to look into board room leaks (something that was her responsibility) The CEO cannot do anything about it unless the Chairman asks him to. The CEO is, in most companies, elected by the board of directors and serves at their pleasure. Not the other way around.

The CEO does have full responsbility for running the company and making day to day decisions, formulating and executing company strategies and supervising ALL other personnel. He/she does not supervise the board. Rather the board supervises the CEO.

Finally (and then I'll shut up) I really don't know who the good guys and bad guys are here. The point is that right now, nobody knows. Until the actual facts are sorted out, anything you read in the paper is purely opinion. So please don't make assumptions.

'Rant' PURGE


Thomas Perkin's letter to the board paints a biased, but informed portrait of the events surrounding the revelation by Dunn of the probe. That's a primary source document, coming from one side of the controversy. To be sure, it doesn't tell Dunn's side of the story, but it's not exactly a sound bite either. That letter has pretty sharp teeth, as a matter of fact. The California Attorney General, the SEC and Congress have all commenced probes into the events based on prodding from Mr. Perkins. It is indeed too early to definitively say who bears responsibility, but it isn't too early to conclude, as the California AG has, that criminal acts were performed on behalf of the HP board in the course of that investigation.



Best regards from V.


I didn't say the internet yielded only soundbites. I was, in fact, referring specifically to some of the news stories being hailed as absolute fact as well as the specific opinion piece that Bruce mentioned.

I just am getting very concerned about the "guilty until proven innocent" attitude that seems to prevail.


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