Mechanical Engineering Packs for the HP 50G


When I owned a HP 48SX (before someone stole it), I had the Sparcom Mechanical Engineering pack. I now own a 50G and I see that Sparcom is out of business. Does anyone know of a ME program compatible for the 49G+/50G?


Hi, Jeff;

do you know how were these programs available? I mean, as internal library attachments, as USER RPL listings, through cards, perhaps?

If they were available as USER RPL listings, chances are that simply keying them in and updating for some extra/new functionality would do the trick. Otherwise, it would need some extra effort.

Not so much of a help, I know, but at least we can start searching for their source.


Luiz (Brazil)

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A while back, over at comp.sys.hp48, this thread appeared. To summarize, a user with the moniker "GaaK" announced that he/she had re-written the routines from the "EE-Pro" pack by Sparcom. A flurry of messages followed regarding, copyrighted software, whether Sparcom was dead, etc. I did not re-read the entire thread, but I believe the conclusion was that the original author of EE-Pro replied that he/she was about to release them again. Gaak then withdrew his/her version. The point of this is perhaps the Mechanical Engineering pack could be or will be resurrected in a similar fashion if you follow the leads in the thread.


The old Sparcom/DaVinci EE*Pro and ME*Pro packages were ported to TI calculators, and are still available for free download for TI users. But I don't think either package is still available for HPs.

There may well be other ME software of interest at

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