OT ti 59 card reader question


I went to play with my ti 59 and the card reader does pull a card but it just keeps running till i take out the battery out. No gummy wheel problems though; i think ti used a different material than HP. Anyway - has anyone had and fixed this problem?
BTW: I can ask about the ti 59 here because i have the RPN Simulator module in mine :-)


This may be caused by a dirty magnetic head or by a faulty card speed. The nominal card speed is 2.3 inches per second. The card reader works correctly when the card speed is in the range 2.0 to 2.5 IPS. The speed can be set by a vertical trimmer resistor on the mainboard. After removing the bottom cover, the circular white trimmer resistor is placed in the upper right. The set up procedure for the card speed is to adjust the resistor until the X in "Texas ..." on the card is split by the left edge of the calculator case when writing on a used card. This procedure worked well for me.

The second cause could be a dirty magnetic head - then try to use the cleaning card, if you have any.

Hope this helps.


I admit I have no experience with TI card readers, but if the motor is running, and the card is not being pulled, doesn't that point to a physical problem in the card drive mechanism? Have you actually looked at the drive wheel and card track to be sure all is OK in there?

Best regards, Hal


I have experienced and fixed the problem when the motor pulls the card in, the card goes through and the motor doesn't stop.


My appologies...

I didn't read the original posting carefully enough, I thought the card was not being pulled.


Michael; i will try all that. I'm thinking of 2000 grit sandpaper cut to the size of a card and used once
Hal; Thanks.

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If you are having card reader problems with the TI-59 but the card does pull through one of the first things that you want to do is check the condition of the battery pack. Most TI-59's which don't have bad motors or bad wheels will appear to pull the card through properly with one of the cells shorted so that the battery pack only yields 2.4 volts or so, but the actual card reading won't be done properly.


I'd be afraid of using other than original cleaning card. The original cleaning card is soft at the cleaning side and dipped in some liquid, probably isopropylalcohol, but I'm not sure with it.

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