What "type" of contacts are on 71B Modules?


The HP-71B has finger contacts that wipe on the circuit board, as a module is inserted.

Anyone know what the "type" or "name" of those contacts are?

Anyone know if it is still possible to get that type of contact or one that will work as well for 71B modules?

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It's a custom-made beryllium-copper contact. "still"? I don't think there ever was a source for them.


Hi Mike,

You can find details on the module contacts in the HP-71 Hardware IDS, chapter 8 (System Diagrams). See for instance on my page here

If you plan to rebuild HP-71 modules, maybe will you be able to find somebody able to make the contacts based on these schematics.


Edited: 17 Sept 2006, 3:38 p.m.

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