HHC2006 only a week away in San Jose!



Shaping up to be a fantastic conference. Featuring presentations on using the HPGCC compiler for the 49g+/50g, the NoVRAM module for the HP41, lots of Hp12c related material for its 25th anniverary, special features of the 40gs CAS, and lots, lots more.

Several HP people will be there, Jean-Yves will be there, and you'll enjoy being around true HP lovers.

Tons of great door prizes too.


If you intend to go, please email tedkerber@hotmail.com and let them know.

I'm sure there are a lot of surprises up some sleeves too.

See you there!



Nice to see the list of door prizes. Two years ago, HP gave an HP-33s to each conference attendee. THAT WAS A NICE TOUCH OF APPRECIATON FOR ALL FOLKS WHO TOOK THE TIME AND PAID FOR AIRFARE AND HOTEL TO ATTEND.

I hope this year HP does a similar gesture. If handing over copies of actual calculators is beyond their plan/budget, then how about CDs containing emulators for the HP-33s, HP-49G+, and HP-39G???? That should NOT COST HP MUCH. Now that these models have been on the market for 2 years and two of them are being replaced, I don't see how giving teh emulators will affect calculator sales.

Can you please pass the word around to the folks at HP?


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