HP-41 Advantage Pac AIP function, anyone?


Hi all,

I am looking for an implementation of the HP-41 Advantage Pac AIP function that I can use without the need to have the Advantage Pac installed? Is the code available?

Related question: what is the most efficient (synthetic) way to save and restore the current FIX decimal setting an an HP-41 if I want to implement this function myself?




Hi, Arne:

    I don't recall the exact specifics of how AIP works with all kinds of values in the X register, but some modification of this simple code I wrote for your sake will probably be what you need:
                   Stack contents
    X Y Z T L
    X Y Z T L
    RCL d d X Y Z L recall all flags
    X<>Y X d Y Z L bring back the former value in X
    FIX 0 X d Y Z L specify no decimals
    CF 29 X d Y Z L supress decimal point showing
    INT IX d Y Z X truncate X to its integer part
    ARCL X IX d Y Z X append it to the alpha register
    Rdown d Y Z IX X bring back the flags
    STO d d Y Z IX X restore all flags
    X<> L X Y Z IX d restore the initial value of X

    This code preserves the values in stack registers X,Y,Z that are there upon entry and leaves the integer part of the X value appended to the ALPHA register, without decimal point. Only T and LastX are lost and the display mode and number of decimal places are fully restored upon exit.

Best regards from V.

Edited: 7 Sept 2006, 9:36 a.m.



thanks a lot for your quick response and code! I suspected that a synthetic instruction or two would do the trick!

-- Arne


You're welcome, Arne.

    Please try it out and let me know if it doesn't work correctly. I did wrote it right now, directly from my head as I have neither the AIP documentation nor the HP-41C manuals, not to mention an actual HP-41C ! So I've been unable to try it myself but I'm confident it will run satisfactorily.

Best regards from V .


If you have the HP-41CX you can simply use RCLFLAG and STOFLAG to save and restore the FIX/SCI/ENG settings, along with a number of other settings as well. I believe these functions operate on flags 0 thru 43 which include the display setting.



I just checked your method and it works like a champ. To display integers in the alpha registers you can use RCLFLAG and STOFLAG:




CF 29





The above code works using the stack to store the states of the flags.

Here is a version as a subroutine that preserves the stack using the LastX register as a temporary storage:







CF 29



X <> ST L




Here is an example that uses the above code:






Edited: 8 Sept 2006, 2:10 a.m.

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